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Welcome To MiJais,

I'm MJ and  I'm glad you're here to support my Brand Design & Photography business!


Upon receiving my B.A. in 2017, I began building my experience assisting clients with brand design & consultations for their small businesses and media presence for over 5 years. I'm a Multi-Disciplinary Artist, a mom of three beautiful souls, a creative, a writer, an explorer, and a chef (self-proclaimed, lol). I love to learn new things, grow, face my fears, meet new people, and push my comfort zone. I've always been different even down to my learning style which caused me to struggle with finding myself and my voice as a young adult. March 2021, I started the journey of learning how to be a mother to a brilliantly unique child which is what inspired me to start my own business so that I can be present to help him and someday be able to create a space for others just like him and like myself - people who live, express, and learn differently!

As someone who is constantly looking for ways to help people - it is my goal to use the things that I learn to help people bring their identities and their voices together harmoniously to build unique brands!

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@MiJaisllc @MiJaisCreative

Thank you for visiting!

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